Who Comes to Sex Therapy

My clients have ranged in age from their 20's to their 80's. I see individuals and couples. Some couples are interfaith or intercultural and others are as ordinary as your next-door neighbors.

I am also consulted by other therapists seeking guidance on their client cases or their own sexuality-related matters. And I provide clinical supervision required for therapists working toward formal AASECT accreditation as Certified Sex Therapists.

Issues which clients often want to discuss include:

  • lack or loss of sexual interest in a partner
  • reconciling differences
  • lack of self-confidence
  • sexual trust
  • overcoming inhibition, fears, discomfort
  • overcoming negative attitudes and messages
  • clarifying wants, needs, expectations
  • negotiating mutual satisfaction
  • resentment
  • feelings about inexperience or past behavior
  • feelings about past negative experiences
  • finding new expressions of sexuality
  • rediscovering sexual energy
  • looking for spark, renewal
  • understanding impulses
  • sexually compulsive behavior
  • self-acceptance
  • self-exploration
  • attitudes about erotica, pornography
  • body-image issues
  • orientation and gender issues
  • coming-out
  • post-childbirth, post-operational, post-illness
  • sex and disabilities

As an experienced sex therapist, I provide the opportunity to discuss these or other topics in a relaxed, non-medical, non-judgmental setting at your own pace. I can help you establish a comfort level in discussing and enjoying sexuality. Many clients find it's a huge relief finally to talk about worries and concerns like these with an understanding, sympathetic, well-informed professional who can talk easily and naturally about sexual matters.

Non-conventional couples are welcome.